How long does it take to receive my meat?

Once the order is placed, it is anywhere from 3-5 weeks before the beef is ready. In the early spring to late fall the beef is ready 3 weeks from the day I place the order, in the winter months it make take longer, so that they cows can fatten up.

What cuts of meat do I get in an average 1/4 cow order?

Steaks — 3/4" thick

4 Sirloins

3 Ribeyes

6 (2 per pack) T-bones (These are the Strips and Filets)

3 London Broil

Roasts (3 lbs each)

3 Chuck Roast

3 Shoulder Roast

2 Sirloin Tip Roast


40 (1-lb each) lean ground beef

4 (1.5 lbs each) of Lean Boneless Stew Meat

All of these quantities, along with the weights of each package, are approximate numbers. They will vary based on which quarter of the cow you get and the size of the cow.

IMPORTANT: When we buy a cow, we buy it by the "hanging weight" pound. Hanging weight means how much does the cow weigh once it is slaughtered and hanging in the freezer. This includes bones and fat. So a cow walking around in the pasture weighs about 1,200 pounds, that same cow's hanging weight is 700 pounds. That is what we buy. Then they process the cow and package it for our culinary delight.

How much do I pay since the cow weights vary?

We require a check based on a 700 lb cow since that is an average size. If the cow is smaller, we will either write you a check back to you or hold a credit on your account for the difference of what you paid and what you owed.

If the cow is larger, then you will write us a check for the difference of what you paid and what you owe when you pick up your order.

Can I choose what cuts of meat I get?

Since this is a group order, we typically order according to the list above (for the 1/4 cow example). We can get specific cuts of beef but they are not priced at the group rate. Please let us know what you are looking for and we can get A La Carte pricing to you. They do give us the liver and if you do not want it please let me know when you order. I also ask for a package of soup bones. The meat is always cut extra lean.

Why is this beef so good?

The cattle are raised in a pasture field. They eat the grass in the fields and they grow at the normal rate a cow should grow (they are not given steroids). There are no pesticides on the grass, no hormones and no antibiotics. At the end of their growing time, the cows are fed a barley hay mix while they await their turn to be processed (usually no more than a week). The Harkeys grow this hay themselves and it does not contain any corn.