Grass Fed Moo orders entire cows from a local farmer and has them processed by a local butcher.

Since most people do not have the freezer space for nearly 600 pounds of beef, we allow

folks to pre-buy a portion of the cows we order.

Individual orders range from 1/16 of a cow to an entire cow.

When enough folks pre-order a total of 3 or more cows, we place an order with the farmer and butcher.

If the farmer has cows that are ready for processing, the cows are sent to the butcher on the

following Monday evening. If the cows are not ready, or mature enough, the farmer will take our order and let us know when the cows are ready for the butcher.

Once the cows reach the butcher, it is usually three weeks before they are ready to pick up.

After the cows have been processed and packaged, we bring the cows to the house and sort everyone’s individual orders.

On the week of pick up, two things will happen:

  1. You will drop off your coolers at the Blackburn Residence.

  2. You will get your final numbers. When you come to pick up your meat you will either receive money back (usually a check) if the cow was smaller than expected or you will bring money to cover any overages if the cow was bigger than expected.

For A La Carte orders getting actual cuts of meat (not ground beef) we will weigh your cuts the day of pickup and determine your final numbers. If you prepaid more than you final numbers, you will get money back. If your final numbers are more than you prepaid, we will let you know the amount you owe.