It depends on how much you order and what portion of the cow you receive. This is what you would get (approx.) for a 1/4 of a cow:

(if you order an 1/8 of a cow, you will get half this, if you order 1/2 a cow, you will double this)

This is a typical breakdown:

Steaks — 3/4" thick

5 Plate Sized Sirloins

3 (2 per pack) Ribeyes

6 (2 per pack) T-bones/Porterhouses (These are the Strips and Filets)

3 London Broils

Roasts (3 lbs each)

4 Chuck Roast

3 Shoulder Roast(or Rump)

2 Sirloin Tip Roast

1 Eye of Round

1 Brisket


40 (1-lb each) lean ground beef

4 (1.5 lbs each) of Lean Boneless Stew Meat

8 packages of short ribs

4 packages soup bones

4 packages liver